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Just copy and paste your virtual address, along with your eezyshipper ID, into the online store’s delivery address fields on the checkout page. The store will ship your purchases to that address, where our team will receive them and ship them on to your home country.

If you are asked to enter a billing address when paying for your online purchases, you should use the address to which your debit or credit card is registered.

Export regulations require us to open all packages to ensure compliance. However, we will try our best to repack your order as it was when we received it.

Of course. We will accept all your purchases as long as they are legal and not prohibited or subject to export restrictions. You can find a list of restricted and prohibited items here.

If your merchant’s checkout displays an error message when you enter your address, or suggests that you should enter the address is a different format, try entering the address a second time, using the usual format. If the message persists, try placing your eezyshipper ID (ESXXXXX) in line 1 of the address if you initially placed it in line 2, or place it in line 2 if you initially placed it in line 1. Please do not allow the address to be entered without the inclusion of your eezyshipper ID, as it is essential for linking your purchases with your account. Before finalizing your purchase, please ensure that your eezyshipper international address is posted in full at the merchant’s checkout, complete with your eezyshipper ID number. As long as all the address details are present, including your eezyshipper ID, your purchases should reach our facility without any issues.

A business day is any day in which businesses in the origin country are normallyy operating. We follow the business days (also call working days) of each origin country. In UK and Kenya, business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

We operate between 9:00am and 5:00pm in the time zone of the origin country (UK), from Monday to Friday.

If you can’t get through to a merchant overseas, the first thing to do is make sure you are dialing the number correctly. When dialing internationally, you must place a ‘+’ or ‘00’ (the international dialing access code) and then the country code before the actual phone number, and drop the phone number’s leading ‘0’ if it has one. For example, to dial the UK number 0205 123 1234 from overseas, you would need to dial +44 205 123 1234, or 0044 205 123 1234. In the above example, the 00 or + is the international dialling access code, 44 is the country code, and the remaining numbers are the merchant’s phone number without the leading ‘0’. For a merchant in the United States, you would need the international dialling access code, followed by ‘1’ (the U.S. country code), followed by the merchant’s phone number (U.S. phone numbers do not have a leading ‘0’).

So for example, if the merchant’s phone number is 123 123 1234, you would need to dial +1 123 123 1234 or 001 123 123 1234. It’s also important to note that while some phone numbers, typically beginning with 1-800 or 800 in the United States and 08 in the United Kingdom, are free to call, but only when dialling from within that country. They may not work at all when you dial them from another country, or you might get a message advising that the call is not free, and that you will be charged at an international rate. If you are unable to get through to your merchant on a free phone number, try to find an alternative number on the merchant’s website, or send the merchant an email requesting an international number.

TIP: If you are a Skype user, you can use Skype credits to make international calls. To learn more about making international phone calls, check out the information at

Currently, you can use eezyshipper to shop online overseas if you are located the Kenya. If you are located in either of the countries above, you can now use our platform to shop online in the United Kingdom . We plan to add new shopping and destination countries in the near future, so please check back here regularly for updates to our service coverage.

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